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Free 3D Glasses

Free 3D Glasses

Free, Free, Free!.

Means no charge, zip, nada!!

If you are looking for 3D glasses to watch Spy Kids in 3D,  The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D, The Discovery Channel HD 3D, Shrek 3D DVD or the upcoming NBC 3D episode of the show Medium in 3D scheduled to air November 21, 2005,  please choose our Red and Cyan Anaglyph 3D Glasses.  Our Red and Blue 3D Glasses, Red and Cyan 3D Glasses and our ProView and ProView Clip-on 3D Glasses are also your best choice for viewing the spectacular Mars 3D images sent back by the Spirit and Opportunity rovers currently exploring the planet Mars.

We will be happy to send you one (1) "Free" pair of the paper 3D glasses of your choice. You can choose from our list of "stock" 3D Glasses, 3D Fireworks Glasses

or 3D TV Viewers If you would like a pair of Eclipse Shades, Please send $1.00 with your SASE.

You will have to follow these instructions
to ensure your delivery!

1) Send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope  SASE ($0.44 US).                        To our address is at the bottom of this page.

2) Specify the type of paper glasses you are requesting...we need to know this!

Anaglyph 3D Glasses - Used for viewing Mars in 3D, 3D comics, 3D websites, 3D movies, games printing and art.  Red/Blue and Red/Cyan

Fireworks Glasses - View fireworks displays, laser light shows and for the study of light and color.

3D TV Glasses (Pulfrich Style) - Watch TV in 3D!! Gray/Clear Lenses. 

Not for viewing Mars in 3D

Eclipse Shades - ($1.00) Safe for direct solar viewing of Sun Spots and Solar Eclipses.

3) Make sure you put the �SASE� inside the envelope you are sending to us
    or we will have nothing to send the glasses back in.

4) Include your e-mail address in the field below (optional).

It's really fun and really easy!



We think you will enjoy the experience of looking at cool 3D pictures at our 3D Art & Conversion Page, and Mars 3D Gallery

Watching a Fireworks Show on the 4th or a Holiday Light Parade through our Fireworks Glasses is unbelievable.

You really should try our 3D TV Glasses. These are based on the Pulfrich phenomena of 3D viewing. You can actually sit and watch a hockey, Football or Basketball game in 3D. Experience some great 3D effects from  just regular TV. Works with movement left to right or right to left across your field of view....these glasses are reversible.  Not for Mars 3D Images


For the Ultimate in Anaglyph 3D Viewing
Try our Plastic ProView� 3D Glasses & Clip-Ons
Paper Red/Cyan Anaglyph Glasses

ProView� 3D Glasses



Include your e-mail address in the field below and we'll keep you informed of other free offers, product specials, new product releases and upcoming events as well. Make sure you visit the Rainbow Symphony Store. We have  a growing selection of truly unique products...make it your #1 choice for your gift and holiday shopping....bookmark it and remember to come back often!

Need Custom Printed 3D Glasses?? Contact Rainbow Symphony, Inc. Toll Free 800-821-5122 Ph# 818-708-8400 Fax# 818-708-8470

6860 Canby Ave. Suite 120, Reseda California 91335





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