3D Anaglyph Glasses
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Anaglyph 3D glasses have lenses of Red/Blue  and are used for viewing 3D comics, Movies and TV, Games, Printing and Art.

3D Anaglyph Glasses


Available in Red/Blue, Red/Cyan & Red/Blue-Green

Anaglyph 3-D Glasses - You'll see the world as you've never seen it before when you view it through our versatile Anaglyph 3-D Glasses. Lenses of Red / Blue, Red / Cyan or Red / Blue-Green are used for viewing 3-D Comics, Movies & TV, Games, Printing and art. Make your next direct mail campaign in 3-D. Anaglyph 3D Glasses For the Internet - It's a whole new dimension when you add virtual reality to your web site. These glasses are an affordable visual enhancement to the cyber world. Surf the net...develop your own 3-D images...explore new depth defying worlds.


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